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Website Content Management System

Many website content management systems are available to keep your website content current including web-site builders such as the Homestead Site Builder, website development tools such as Adobe DreamWeaver and Microsoft FrontPage, and full-featured CMS software such as Drupal and Joomla. However, we have not found an easier-to-use web content management system than our Website Content Editor™ software.

Website Content Editor™

Our website content management clients include Zeeland Christian School with each school teacher editing his/her own classroom webpage, small non-profit organizations with employees of limited computer expertise, small businesses, and ourselves---we use the Website Content Editor™ software to edit our own website!

Website Content Editor™ Content Management Features

  • Authorized staff can easily update web pages from any Microsoft Windows computer with Internet access.
  • Update content, format text, create website and email links, add pictures, and upload PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and any other type of document.
  • Protects your website from having broken links or menu options that don't function.
  • Username and password protected.
  • Phone training and user manual included in the purchase price.

Website Content Editor™ Costs

Standard package, including unlimited user license for one domain, installation and training:

     $500 for businesses; $300 for 501(c)3 Non-profits

Custom modules are also available to meet your specific website content management needs.

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Website Content Editor™


Website Content Editor Screenshot


"The [Website Content Editor] made my life so much easier when it came to updating our website.... It is so much easier than Front Page or Dream Weaver!"

                         --Tracy Slaughter
                     i3 Business Solutions


"The Website Content Editor makes keeping our website up-to-date very easy.  I can just copy and paste any information we need into the Content Editor and publish the information quickly and easily."

                         --Meredith Witzel
               Advancement Assistant
            Good Samaritan Ministries

Client Spotlight

Zeeland Christian School

More than 50 teachers use the Website Content Editor™ to keep their classroom page up-to-date with information for teachers and parents.